OGURA's machining technologylist

  • Precision machining technology詳細

    Micro and high precision of perforation. Micro processing of tip-end following technology of processing record styli.Processing surface by
    utilizing single crystal.

  • サファイア・ルビー加工詳細

    Processing sapphire/ruby

    Precision machining of sapphire/ruby.Forming a sharp edge as characteristic of single crystal.

  • Processing diamond詳細

    Micro processing of the hardest single crystal diamond in the natural world.

  • Processing sintered diamond詳細

    Precision machining of sintered diamond(CVD).Polishing is also possible.

  • Processing ceramics詳細

    Processing ceramics

    Polishing of inner, flat surface of holes and outer surface of cylinder.

  • Processing tungsten carbide詳細

    Processing tungsten carbide

    Not only processing various kinds of shapes, but also high precision machining and polishing up are possible.


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