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Main Equipment - Our below equipment enables micro precision machining

Manufacturing equipment

Name Manufacturer Type
Wire-Cut EDM machine Sodick AP200L
Wire-Cut EDM machine Sodick AP250L
Wire-Cut EDM machine FANUC α-C400iA
Wire-Cut EDM machine FANUC α-OiCp
Wire-Cut EDM machine Mitsubishi Electric FX20K
Small-hole Drilling EDM Machine Sodick K1CN
CNC Automatic Lathe Citizen M32
CNC Automatic Lathe Citizen M16 / M12
Machining Center Sodick MC430L
Tool Grinding Machine KANEHIRA RTG-1100
Centerless Grinding Machine IMAHASHI MGG. CO,. LTD. CG7
Molding Surface Grinding Machine Okamoto Corporation PFG500DXS
Other equipment
Laser Cutting Machine Surface Grinding Machine Ultrasonic Machining Device
Horizontal Axis Surface Grinding Machine Cylindrical Grinding Machine Diemilling EDM Machine
Vacuum High-Frequency Heating Machine Vacuum Device Laser Marker
Internally developed Hole Drilling and Honing Machine Various internally developed Polishing Machine Various internally developed dedicated device

Measurement equipment

Name Manufacturer Type
Image Dimension Measuring Machine KEYENCE IM-6020
Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) JEOL JSM-6510
Digital Microscope KEYENCE VHX-1000
Digital Microscope HiROX KH-8700
Non-contact Three-Dimensional Measuring Machine OGP SmartScope ZIP250
Non-contact Three-Dimensional Measuring Machine OGP SmartScope CNC500
Ultra-High Precision Three-Dimensional Measuring Machine Panasonic UA3P
Surface profile & roughness Measuring Machine Taylor Hobson FORM TARYSURF S6C
Surface profile & roughness Measuring Machine ACCRETECH SURFCOM 1400D
Roundness and Cylindrical Shape Measuring Machine ACCRETECH RONDCOM 40A
Universal Projector Nikon V-12B
Other equipment
Tool Microscope Differential interference contrast microscope (DIC) Polarizing Microscope
X-ray Generator Constant Temperature and Humidity Testing Machine Reflection Attenuation Measuring Machine
Laser outer diameter Measuring Machine Particle size distribution measuring Machine Laser Interferometer
Rockwell hardness tester Micro hardness testing machine Gauss meter