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Message of president - we are pursuing advanced micro machining technology

Message of president

Representative director and president, Kyotaro Ogura

We are always pursuing high level of micro machining and nanometer technology and make ceaseless efforts for you to enjoy better life with our products.

Representative director and president,
Kyotaro Ogura

Corporate philosophy

To value every one’s life
Time when people spend in the company should be the most substantial time of their life from mental and physical viewpoints.
We will respect, but not waste every employee’s most important time, which is the corporate motto.


By strengthening coordination among sales, technology and production, and by enhancing development division, the company will contribute to the society with earnest heart and pursue improvement of level of lives of all employees on the basis of the company’s prosperity.

Corporate mark

Corporate mark of OGURA

We have drawn “O”, the first letter of OGURA with following theme: “the Mark should show both a sharp aspect which indicates ultra-fine technology and a soft aspect which shows warmness”.

The sharp part shows ultra-fine precision technology and a sharp sensibility of every employee, and by cutting an angle of thick part, made round left and right elements show soft aspects like humanity, harmonization of person to person, warmness of the company.

As to the colors, by emphasizing each color, created a conspicuous tone of color. Using blue and green, with blue technical capability of each section, and with green better working environments in OGURA Jewel Industry heading for future are imaged.

Such an intention of employees on the basis of “basic philosophy” and “vision” that everyone should grow the company as a respected “energetic corporation” by the society is reflected to the corporate mark.

Representative director and president,
Kyotaro Ogura

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