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Precision Machining Technology - as fusion of tradition and advanced technology

Precision machining technology

Since the company’s foundation in 1894, OGURA has been engaged in processing industry jewels. Jewel materials like diamond, sapphire/ruby are able to form a sharp edge as characteristic of single crystal.

By utilizing the property, OGURA has been providing products to meet current needs by keeping on brushing up micro precision technology.

Our strong technology of micro and precision perforation and processing tip-ends is able to make a sharp and higher precise shape.

Perforation and processing tip-end

Processing surface


Perforation - Perforation with high precision and micro level

Feature of perforation


  • Inner diameter precision
    Hole diameter: ±1µm and more.
  • Precision of hole:
    circularity: 1µm and more.


  • Size of Hole diameter:
    φ30µm at minimum and more.

Quality of inside

  • Precision of polishing inner surface of hole:
    Ra0.2µm and less.
  • Processing smooth inner surface to be used for guides and liquid nozzles.

[Ruby] Perforation data

Ruby Perforation data


Processing micro diameter
Material:Single crystal ruby
Polishing a hole of micro diameter with high roundness.

Ruby Perforation data

[Perforating ruby]
Hole diameterφ41.5µm
Circularity 0.3µm

Image of perforation

Cross section of perforating diamond

Cross section of perforating diamond

Cross section of perforating sapphire

Cross section of perforating sapphire

Cross section of perforating tungsten carbide

Cross section of perforating tungsten

Cross section of perforating ceramics

Cross section of perforating ceramics

Processing tip-end

Processing tip-end– technology continued from record styli High precision of scale

Features of processing tip-end


  • Precision of tip-end R shape:
    P-V=0.2µm and more
  • Precision of tip-end size: SR±1µm and more


  • Tip-end R size: 1µm and less

Quality of tip

  • Polishing tip-end

Data of processing tip-end

Diamond Data of processing tip-end


Processing: R tip-end
Materials: Single crystal diamond
Micro R shape
High precision of R shape

Diamond Data of processing tip-end

[Polishing diamond]
Tip-end R2.02µm

Image of machining tip-end

Diamond: Tip-end processing

Diamond:Tip-end processing

Diamond: Quadrangular pyramid processing

Diamond:Quadrangular pyramid

Tungsten carbide: Tip-end processing

Tungsten carbide:Tip-end processing

Diamond: Trigonal pyramid processing

Diamond:Trigonal pyramid processing

Processing surface

Polishing surface by utilizing characteristics of single crystal materials

Features of processing surface

  • Roughness of processing surface
    Polishing Ra0.001µm and more (Reference: Depending of materials)
  • Roughness of processing surface of cylinder
    Ra0.01µm and more (Reference: Depending on materials)

Data of processing surface

Data of processing surface


Processing flat surface of sapphire.
Processing to sufficient roughness level for a window of sensor.

Sapphire Data of processing surface

[Processing flat surface]
Surface roughness Ra0.0064µm

Image of processing surface

Diamond: Polishing flat surface

Diamond:Polishing flat surface

Ceramics: Polishing flat surface

Ceramics:Polishing flat surface

Sapphire: Polishing cylinder

Sapphire:Polishing cylinder

Tungsten carbide: Polishing tapered surface

Tungsten carbide:Polishing tapered

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