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多種多様なレジン・メタル・電着 超砥粒ホイール

Ultra-abrasive wheel for various needs-Ultra-abrasive wheel

Usage of abrasive powder

Diamond CBN

Grinding high hardness materials

PCD (sintered diamond ), PCBN (sintered CBN), diamond, ceramics, tungsten carbide, sapphire, ruby, crystallized quartz, glass, etc.

Grinding Iron-based metal

Carbon steel, chrome steel, chrome molybdenum steel, nickel chromium steel, nickel chrome molybdenum steel, carbon tool steel, high speed tool steel, alloy tool steel, stainless steel, heat resistant steel, high carbon chromic bearing, nodular graphite cast-iron, etc.

Resinoid bond wheel

In order to have an ideal sharpness and super long service-life by improving mechanical and heat resistant properties, own developed inorganic filling materials are blended.

Wheel for grinding tools

Resinoid bond had some problems with abrasive powder like drop-off, embedding, collapse of shape, etc. These problems, however, have already been solved by improvement of bond, and now this wheel is showing a remarkable performance in case of deep-grinding and form-grinding by drills.

Tow-sided surface grinding wheel

By setting ground surface of 2 wheels confronted, you can efficiently grind both surfaces of ceramics, glass, high hardness metals at the same time.

Mirror-finishing wheel

By using a grinder of air spindle, you can easily and also precisely process electric parts with designated value of surface flatness, surface roughness, size, etc.
By this wheel, ferrite, glass and metal composite parts can be mirror-finished, and also this wheel is used in broad areas of material-processing like magnetic head, quartz resonator, optical glass, metal, etc.

Metal bond wheel

Metal bond wheel is made by sintering metal powder mixed with ultra-abrasive powder. OGURA’s metal bond wheel secures ideal protrusion of abrasive powder as the bond is worn moderately while grinding. Accordingly, the wheel is suitable for high precision and efficient processing with stable sharpness maintained.

High precision wheel for V-groove processing

The wheel is for V-groove processing of ceramics. With an extremely small R of tip end and high bilateral swing precision, single or multiple grooving is possible at micro meter level.

Wheel for profile-grinding

Coping with such a request that a corner of a work piece should be made sharpened to the limit, OGURA has made various types of wheels available like a wheel with ultra-acute angle, one with thin abrasive layer, etc. You can choose one of them according to the usage.

Integral multiple wheel with high precision

Different from such previous type that some wheels were set to one spindle, a layer of abrasive powder and an alloy carbide has been integrated by sintering at the same time. And the abrasive powder layer has been finished at high precision by high precision molding machine.

Electrodeposition metal wheel

It is the wheel that super abrasive powder is fixed to the base metal by Ni plating.
It is possible to make protruding amount ideal by controlling thickness of electrode positioned layer. The wheel is excellent not only in sharpness but also in abrasive resistance, and realized processing with high precision and efficiency for glass, ceramics, etc.

Wheel for centering and edging

The wheel is used for centering and edging of lenses of camera, microscopes, etc. The wheel is suitable for small lot production with many products. Re-electrodeposition of wheels close to its end of life is possible, so that this wheel can afford to be used for mass production.

Wheel for formed grinding

It is a wheel that makes formed grinding to transcribe the shape of surface to work material to be grinded. Production with high precision is possible by choosing a suitable grinding shape out of variety of R shapes, conical shapes and other complexed shapes.