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Diamond wire drawing dies ? coping with different forms

Smooth inner shape and high precision of size even for different shapes

Diamond wire drawing dies is a wire drawing dies to make a cable like an electric cable to a designated size.

Single crystal diamond or sintered diamond is used from viewpoints of abrasive resistance, retaining shape and security of precision of size.

For the purpose to increase space of coil, not circular, but flat shaped (rectangular) enamel cables have recently been used preferably. OGURA’s wire drawing dies with different forms are polish-finished very smoothly despite of high precision measure and different shape.


  • Single crystal diamond or sintered diamond is used.

  • Usable for dies with different shapes like rectangular shape other than circular shape.

  • Less dispersion of R size of four corners of rectangular dies.

  • Inner surface can be polished smoothly regardless of different shapes like rectangular.

Standard specification

Shapes of dies code Dimensional limits Material type
Minimum(mm) Maximum(mm)
Circle Circle D 0.1 1.5 Single crystal diamond
D 0.2 8.0 Polycrystalline diamond
Square Square S 0.4 5.0 Polycrystalline diamond
R 0.05 1.0
Rectangular(Straight angle) Rectangular(Straight angle) W 0.5 8.0 Polycrystalline diamond
H 0.4 5.0
R 0.05 1.0
W/H - ≦7
Track shape Track shape W 0.5 7.0 Polycrystalline diamond
H 0.4 6.0
R 1/2H 1/2H
W/H - ≦7
Hexagon Hexagon S 0.5 7.0 Polycrystalline diamond
R 0.06 0.5

Reference value

Dimension(D,S,W,H) Tolerance
0.1 ≦ Dimension < 1 ≦ 3µm
1 ≦ Dimension < 8 ≦ 10µm