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Sapphire water jet nozzle with excellent cost performance and super high pressure

Excellent cost performance and super high pressure

Super high pressure Water Jet is used for variety of occasions like washing, exfoliation/chipping of concrete, deflashing resin, cutting paper, etc.

OGURA has developed “Sapphire Water Jet nozzle” and providing it to the market. The “Sapphire water jet nozzle” has excellent direct injection feature with outstanding cost performance.

Sapphire is adopted for a tip of nozzle with enough pressure and abrasion resistance.

Basic shapes

Sapphire water Jet Nozzle

Sapphire water Jet Nozzle


  • Higher cost performance compared with diamond.

  • A large destructive power can be expected by concentrating energy by extra fine jet stream.

  • With the excellence in straightness, suitable for sharpshooting for deburring from IC mold resin.

  • Nozzle chip is fixed with metal assembled and has a higher corrosion residence than sintered nozzle.

Standard specifications

Type Direct injection
Hole diameter φ0.05mm to φ1.4mm
Structure Nozzle chip(Sapphire) and metal body (stainless steel)
Way to fix chips Metal-assembling

Material and property of nozzle chips

Material Sapphire
Hardness Knoop hardness 1500 to 2000
Coefficient of friction 0.14

Examples of actual achievement data

Usage Removing resin burr of IC mold resin
Endurance time 5,300 hours
Inner diameter of nozzle φ0.14mm
Conditions to use Pressure:49 to 78 Mpa


Semiconductor related Removing burr from IC mold resin
Electronic parts related Removing burr of printed circuit board hole
Mechanical parts related Removing burr of cross of engine parts
Construction related Removing outer-mall of building for cleaning in reforming
Engineering construction Chipping of concrete
Steel related Washing door of coke oven
Petrochemical related Washing for maintenance of plant
Shipbuilding related Washing of bottom of ship
Power generation related Washing turbines
Automobiles related Washing carriage-wagons for painting
Paper, pulp related Trimming paper
Gum related Stripping gum lining
Food industry related Cutting frozen meat
Others Various cutting, cleaning, stripping, removing burr, etc.